Filmland: Arkansas Shorts Block 2

ODD HAPPENINGS IN A TINY TENT by Jesse Burks Love Squirts SHELTER by Daniel Hanna Petra, a women's prison trustee at an animal shelter, works to socialize a dog deemed too aggressive for society despite the tension it creates with Ruth, her hardened supervisor. THE BENCH by Bronson Crabtree An unconventionally simple love story that takes place on a bench. UNOS HUEVOS by David C Cruz A boy skips his trumpet recital, instead he has a day venturing the town in which he runs into trouble. INTO THE GREEN by Mary McDade Casteel The story of Eleanor, a high school principal in rural Arkansas. One morning a teacher is missing and Eleanor must decide how to carry on in the absence of someone she loves. MIKE THE BIRDMAN by Paige Murphy Mike Mlodinow has no car, no computer, no phone, and only owns a few other possessions in his one-bedroom apartment in Fayetteville, Arkansas. His niche is in nature, where he exercises his passion for bird watching.

  • Jesse Burks, Daniel Hanna, Bronson Crabtree, David C Cruz, Mary McDade Casteel, Paige Murphy
  • 90 minutes
  • PG
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