The Wedding Plan

Tired of single life at 32, spirited and Orthodox bride-to-be Michal is eager for the comfort and companionship of marriage. That is, until her fiancé confesses he doesn’t love her. Devastated but undeterred, she decides to keep her wedding date, leaving it to luck, determination and blind faith to provide a suitable groom. With invitations sent, the venue booked, the clock counting down, and pressure from her family mounting, Michal enlists two matchmakers to help her find Mr. Right. After a series of comically mismatched dates, Michal finds she has chemistry with someone she never expected.

  • Noa Koler, Amos Tamam (Srugim, Mr. Predictable), Oz Zahavi (Yossi, Tuviansky) and Oded Leopold (Melting Away, Abulele)
  • Rama Burshtein (Fill the Void)
  • Rama Burshtein
  • 110 minutes
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