Around the World in 76 minutes

Travel around the world in 76 minutes with 6 dynamic short films Magic Alps: An Afghan refugee arriving in Italy to seek asylum brings the immigration system to a grinding halt when he includes his beloved goat in the application. Based on a true story. Turn It Around: When the fifteen-year-old Bram meets Florian at a house party, he immediately falls for him. There''s only one problem: nobody knows Bram is gay. The Driver is Red: Set in Argentina 1960, this true crime documentary follows secret agent Zvi Aharoni (Mark Pinter) as he searches for a mysterious man named Ricardo Klement. What he discovered in the remote outskirts of Buenos Aires would send shock waves around the world. The Warsaw Robin: It''s late winter of 1945 in Warsaw, Poland. After the uprising, the city is in ruins. A young girl who hides in the rubble of the destroyed city meets a mysterious old woman and learns about the importance of storytelling and hope in the darkest of times. Fauve: Set in a surface mine, two boys sink into a seemingly innocent power game with Mother Nature as the sole observer... Bonobo: When the elevator of their public housing breaks down, the fates of Felix, a disabled pensioner, Ana, a single mother struggling with her move and Seydou, a young man passionate about dance intertwine towards an explosive ending where their limits will be tested.

  • Andrea Brusa/Marco Scotuzzi, Niels Bourgonje, Randall Christopher, Mackenzie Bates, Jeremy Comte, Zoel Aeschbacher
  • 76 minutes
  • PG-13
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About Destiny City Film Festival

The Destiny City Film Festival is a homegrown, true-Tacoma community event, inspired by our city’s nickname – The City of Destiny – and built to showcase the best independent films from the Pacific Northwest and beyond. Our mission is to use the power of vibrant cinematic storytelling to curate an engaged community audience for independent film.