As the love between two women sours, each sets off on a journey of self-reflection and contemplation. Jo (Geerteke van Lierop), a photographer, heads to Wisconsin to revisit the scenes where she took portrait shots of Rachel on a previous trip. Rachel (Erica Anderson) stays in Portugal where the two women lived, revisiting her favorite empty beach, searching for peace. The film is an exploration of memory and perception based on a simple, relatable event: a breakup. Much of the film was shot in Pepin, Stockholm, and other areas of Western Wisconsin with the help of local cast and crew. Danish director Kristjan Knigge began creating the film here after the premiere of his feature "Second Honeymoon" at the 2016 Flyway Film Festival.

  • Kristjan Knigge
  • 52 minutes
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About Flyway Film Festival

The Eleventh Annual Flyway Film Festival will take place October 19-21, 2018 in Pepin, Stockholm, and Alma, Wisconsin. Flyway Film Festival's mission is to bring the best in independent film to the Lake Pepin area of Wisconsin and Minnesota for the purposes of cultural enrichment, community-building, arts education, and to inspire the next generation of filmmakers. The festival venues are on the shores of Lake Pepin, a part of the Mississippi that widens to a 40-square-mile “lake” sixty miles downstream from the Twin Cities. The area is known for its scenic river bluffs as well as for its vibrant arts scene, gourmet dining, and sailing. The Great River Road, which runs along the Wisconsin side of Lake Pepin, was named the “Prettiest Drive in America” by the Huffington Post.