Into the Box

Dr. Bita’s in a pickle! Her friend had a little...accident! Should Bita: (A)* Forgive her friend (B) Write her a nice poem (C) Murder her friend To choose** option (B) or (C), come see ''Into the Box''! *To choose option (A), you can’t choose option (A). You see, you do get to choose within the choices but the choice chosen is choosed between the perused, unused and discarded choosees you pretended not to chose. Confused? We are two! But come see this Original, Improvised, Sci-Fi, Organic, Audience-Input-Based Play anyway! We promise you won’t regret it.** **By reading this promotion, You (hereafter known as ‘the Reader’), the Reader, are contractually agreeing to ‘not regret “it”’, in perpetuity, including any and all possible or impossible exclusions. You have also consented to a ‘small’ DNA and vocal sample, both of which have already been virtually and legally released for unconditional natural language processing***...Come see the show!

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About Fort Collins Fringe Festival

The Fort Collins Fringe Festival takes place annually the last week of July. It is a performance art festival that takes over Downtown Fort Collins, Colorado. The FoCo Fringe shows change every year and all types performance art is accepted which means you can see a vast variety of things in one weekend for an affordable price!