Michigan Matinee, Sci-Fi, Drama, 86 minutes What’s done is done, but not for Doug. He’s a depressed tea store barista visited by a time-traveling nut job who offers him the opportunity to remake his life … all he’s got to do is kill someone. Now Doug has three days before his consciousness and physical form cease to exist and his friend from the future wants to make sure he spends his time wackily. The first feature from Detroit filmmakers Rob and Joshua Cousineau, this gonzo sci-fi comedy shows the team’s promise. .......... Directors: Robert Cousineau, Chris Rosik; Writers: Joshua Cousineau, Robert Cousineau, Doug Kolbicz; Producer: James McGovern .......... Recently Screened At: GenreBlast Film Festival

  • Joshua P. Cousineau, Connor Sweeney, Claire Sloma, Phreddy Wischusen
  • 86 minutes
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