Centered on a young man stuck in the North Carolina back country with his single father, this film has all the elements of one of those morality tales of meth, opioid, and/or family abuse, but that’s not at all what it turns out to be. Moss’s Dad is an artist who carves masterpieces out of driftwood. His best friend is an African-American hippie on a homemade houseboat who smokes and sells a lot of dope but seems to get along just fine. And Moss’s big encounter on his 18th birthday involves an older woman who introduces him to magic mushrooms and more in Daniel Peddle’s trippy, quiet, and beautifully atmospheric drama.

  • Mitchell Slaggert, Christine Marzano, Billy Ray Suggs, Dorian Cobb, Erby Dalmus Burton III
  • Daniel Peddle
  • Daniel Peddle
  • 86 minutes
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