A mysterious drifter fixated on stone skipping shows up in a sleepy waterfront town. Hounded by a local realtor who is convinced that such shenanigans will lower property values, the skipper soldiers on meeting a host of colorful figures: sidekicks, love interests, backgammon junkies, Irish balladeers. Wertheimer’s absurdist comedy, crowdfunded by HHM and filmed in Bay City with the support of local talent, offers a touching meditation on the competing pulls of desire and necessity in making a purposeful life. . . . Recently Screened At: Manhattan Film Festival, Indy Film Fest, Windy City Film Festival . . . Scheduled to Attend: Aaron Wertheimer, Chris Roberti, Kenny Zimlinghaus, Kate Villanova, Steven Schuermans, Amanda Alvarez Diaz

  • Chris Roberti, Kenny Zimlinghaus, Kate Villanova, Julie Mann
  • Aaron Wertheimer
  • Aaron Wertheimer
  • 70 minutes
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