Shorts Program One

Enjoy these shorts:The Prince, The Grandmother, AYA, Anh Hung, The Perfect Fit, Kukuschka

  • 91 minutes
  • The Prince

    Based on true events Olivia, a young tap dancer and her uncle Amir, an actor, struggle with what it means to be Middle-Eastern American and artists in today's racially divided world. The film bounces back and forth between an impassioned Olivia performing a dramatic interpretive dance number on stage, and an actor struggling with a life-changing career decision.

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    The Grandmother

    When a half-native girl named Riley, 8 years-old gets suspended from grade school, her mother sends her to stay with her traditional Navajo grandma. Riley is driven to her Grandma’s hogan and left to spend the day with her grandma on the reservation. Riley is taught about right from wrong, respecting your mother and the importance of the Navajo way of life. When grandma’s way of teaching opens up Riley’s heart, Riley shares that she gets picked on at school for being half native. Grandma reassures Riley of who she really is and that is Diné. When Riley goes home with her mom, she wants to spend the next day with grandma again.


    Aya lives a normal life with her Salafist parents until the day a special event disrupts all the lives of her entire family.

    Anh Hung

    Jenny is a first generation nine-year-old Vietnamese girl growing up in Canada. Her brother Tuan, whom she looks up to as her hero, slowly reveals the truth that he is not who he seems when she secretly disobeys his rule to stay home and joins him for a night out.

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    The Perfect Fit

    A determined young actress gets the opportunity to audition for the role that her mother originated on Broadway. When tensions arise between mother and daughter, the girl must decide whether to play by her mother's rules or create her own.

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    Kukuschka is a bird, who follows the sun. It seems to her as if she already could touch It, but the Sun is still far away. Suddenly she is joined by a baby bird who has lost its’ way. Kukuschka is even more challenged than ever to reach the sun, but she is determined. Her goal will be within reach, maybe tomorrow maybe the day after.

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