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About Lumbee Film Festival

The 4th annual Lumbee Film Festival takes place September 17-18, 2021 in Pembroke, NC. The festival showcases bold, original new films made by American Indians, with special interest in those from Southeastern American Indian communities and especially members of the Lumbee Tribe of NC. The Festival features a panel discussion with community organizers, filmmakers and tribe members discussing cultural extraction, cultural appropriation, and other issues faced by indigenous communities and their work within the cultural sector. 'It is beautiful see ourselves in resistance to the attempts to make us invisible. The festival helps make us visible to ourselves and to others through the arts. It is important for us to have our own representation and tell our own stories.' said Festival Director Kim Pevia. The Lumbee Film Festival is a partnership between the Lumbee Tribe of NC and the Cucalorus Film Foundation.