Young biology student Jule sets out on a road trip from Berlin to confront a flaky boyfriend in Portugal, driving the only vehicle available: her family’s rusty old 303 campervan. Along the way she picks up hitchhiker Jan, but instead of gaining a pleasant conversational companion, she finds that Jan’s world view completely contradicts her own beliefs about human nature. While having intense conversations about anything and everything, Jule and Jan grapple with both the literal road ahead, and the future stretching out before them. 303 is a joyful surprise - a light-on-its-feet-comedy that isn’t afraid to address the serious challenges facing the newest generation of twenty-somethings - and German audiences responded by making it one of 2018’s biggest domestic box office hits.

  • Mala Emde; Anton Spieker
  • Hans Weingartner
  • Hans Weingartner, Silke Eggert
  • 119 minutes
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