In a future Brazil of 2027, fundamental evangelicalism has become the prevailing influence on society. Civil servant Joanna leads a humble and devoted life, especially in the notary’s office she works at, where she has made it her mission to save couples who attempt to file for divorce by throwing bureaucratic roadblocks in their path. With her husband Danilo (Julio Machado), Joanna recruits unhappy couples into “Divine Love”, a spiritual group that promises spiritual solutions to the feelings of greatest lack. Even with the spiritual asceticism of the modern age, the famed carnality and extroverted exuberance of Brazilian culture must morph into new codes of expression. Gabriel Mascaro’s brilliant new film could not possibly arrive at a more precise and timely moment. As Brazil’s new leadership embarks on a drastic split with the recent past, the prospect of the unsettling reality of religious hegemony seems closer than ever.

  • Mohamed Dhrif, Mouna Mejri, Zakaria Ben Ayed, Imen Chérif, Taylan Mintas, Tarik Copti
  • Mohamed Ben Attia
  • Mohamed Ben Attia
  • 101 minutes
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