Cuba’s pre-revolution obsession with Hollywood cinema in the first half of the 20th century led Havana to create some of the most majestic movie palaces of their time in the Americas, where millions of Cubans spent their evenings gazing at the silver screen stars of yesteryear. One of those stars, Errol Flynn, Hollywood’s most famous swashbuckler, traveled to Cuba in late 1958 as he struggled to overcome his alcoholism and stage a Hollywood comeback, but instead found himself in the middle of a real-life adventure more improbable than the plot of any film he ever made: recklessly endorsing the rhetoric of Fidel Castro and the soon-to-come revolution. Flynn self-produced a disastrous B-movie, Cuban Rebel Girls, and died soon afterwards. Miami filmmaker Gaspar González finds in Flynn’s sad demise a fitting parallel to the end of Hollywood glamour in the Havana movie palaces, and reflects on the remnants of a film culture that so deeply affected and defined a nation’s collective memory.

  • Scott Eyman, Megan Feeney, Christina Lane, Nat Chediak, Eliseo Altunaga, Marta Rojas, Jorge Calderón González
  • Gaspar González
  • Gaspar Gozalez
  • 50 minutes
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