Navigating the power dynamics of high school can be a complex and brutal process, especially if, like Marcos, you don’t quite fit in with the rest of your classmates. He likes collecting insects, which is very different to collecting erotic videos shot in the bathroom, which is what Yorman does. The two of them would never even interact if it weren’t for Maryuri, the girl they both like. But she is also the reason Marcos falls off the deep end, adding harassment to the bullying he is already experiencing in an attempt to get her attention. In Following You director Carmen La Roche offers a candid exploration of a phenomenon that deeply affects contemporary teenagers: sexting and bullying.

  • Gregory Maldonado, Santiago Osuna, Genesis Vernaza, Andrea Levada, Dayra Lambis
  • Carmen La Roche
  • Carmen La Roche
  • 84 minutes
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