Franky (Josh Wiggins) and Ballas (Darren Mann) are best friends and high school royalty: handsome, stars of the swim team and popular with girls. Franky’s 17th birthday party is coming up and everything seems perfect – except Franky’s parents (Kyle McLaughlin and Maria Bello) are divorcing since Franky’s dad has fallen in love with another man, which Franky is finding difficult to accept. Franky’s party is an all-cool-kids affair, but when a drunken incident suggests that Frankys discomfort with his father may open some questions about his own sexual orientation, Franky’s bond with Ballas is shattered. Rumors fly throughout school and the truth seems elusive, but help for Franky and Ballas arrives from a very unexpected source. Giant Little Ones is a heartfelt coming-of-age story about friendship, self-discovery and the power of love without labels.

  • Josh Wiggins, Darren Mann, Taylor Hickson, Maria Bello, Kyle Maclachlan
  • Keith Behrman
  • Keith Behrman
  • 93 minutes
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