Raúl has been gone for some time, but his mother Merche isn’t ready to let go just yet. She leaves his room the same way it has always been, his clothes are all still hanging in the closet, intact. She even ignores her daughters Anabel and Dayana when they urge her to leave the neighborhood she raised her children in, Lídice, due to the increasing levels of violence surrounding them. But when the whole family gets together to celebrate Dayana’s birthday, Raúl’s wife decides to join in, and what should have been a happy celebration soon takes a sour turn. When hurtful accusations are made and wounds that weren’t fully healed are torn open again, Jasmines in Lidice takes an emotional look into the deep sorrow and messy feelings of the ones who are left behind after violent death hits a family.

  • Gladys Prince, Patrizia Fusco, Rossana Hernández, Tatiana Mabo, Indira Jiménez, Elizabeth Quintanales
  • Rubén Sierra Salles
  • Karín Valecillos
  • 80 minutes
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