In Haitian culture, the phrase “kenbe fem” is heard often, and with reason: it means “to hold firm”, and it speaks of the resilience Haitian communities have developed over two centuries. “Kenbe fem” became especially relevant in the aftermath of the devastating earthquake on January 12, 2010, when more than 250,000 people perished and thousands lost their homes and livelihoods. In this powerful documentary, art gallery owner and entrepreneur David Pierre-Louis, a Haitian-American living in Seattle, travels to Haiti looking for his mother after the earthquake hit the island. Deeply dissatisfied with the work put forward by the Haitian government and international NGOs, David takes matters into his own hands and rebuilds his mother’s house, Kay Tita, or “Tita’s House”, transforming it into a community center that provides immediate access to resources for those affected by the earthquake. Kenbe Fem: A Haitian Story of Survival, Unity and Strength demonstrates how hope can be built through profound conviction

  • David Pierre-Louise, Augusta “Tita” Bienvenue, Nzingah Oniwosan, Pierre Stanley Baptiste, Manoucheka Celeste
  • Mark Goodnow
  • Nils Cowan, David Pierre-Louis
  • 50 minutes
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