Chaos reigns in the Western area of Jamaica’s capital city, Kingston, and teenagers are killing each other for any little reason. These are the effects of the controversial extradition of Christopher “Dudus” Coke to the US in 2010, after being the leader of the area’s biggest drug gang for 18 years. Coke inherited his father’s drug business in 1992, and soon became a celebrated figure in West Kingston. Thus, it was only 18 years later that police was able to arrest him on drug charges and extradite him to the US—an event that shook the very foundation West Kingston was built on. At the core of the incremental bloodshed associated with drug trafficking, hyper masculinity and lack of gun control, a group of former gangsters from Denham Town, Coke’s previous stronghold, have taken it upon themselves to become violence interrupters. Last Street chronicles their attempt to put an end to the senseless cycle of violence they find themselves born into.

  • Neilly Blacks, Milton Tomlinson, Rasheed, Boom Boom
  • Amanda Sans Pantling
  • Amanda Sans Pantling
  • 61 minutes
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