Marjoun, clad in all black, with dark eyes and dark hair, is 17 years old and an outsider in her home of Little Rock, Arkansas. Her father Aabid is from Lebanon, and in county jail awaiting trial for his alleged connections to Hezbollah. As she deals with the tensions in her high school and the attempts to get her father out of jail, she takes solace in writing poetry on her typewriter and fancying Chaney, the boy in her math class. When hope dims for her father’s release, Marjoun seeks to take to the open road on a motorcycle. Will she escape or be pulled back into her life in Little Rock? Marjoun and the Flying Headscarf is set in 2006, in the aftermath of 9/11, the Second Intifada, and Iraq War. We experience these shifts in Arab and Muslim American lives through the three women in Marjoun's household, in a time when young Muslim women are choosing the hijab independently of their familial traditions to find meaning and strength in their own choices.

  • Clara Khoury, Monastics of Magnolia Grove Monastery, Maram Al Jahmi
  • Susan Youssef
  • Susan Youssef
  • 84 minutes
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