Malte and Liv are a young German couple in love and on vacation on a beautiful Spanish island. A chance encounter with three drugged up teenagers leads to a shocking and brutal attack. But this is not what the intelligent, complex The Most Beautiful Couple is about. Malte and Liv survive the attack and remain together, finding an amazing strength in each others’ support. After two years of therapy and recovering, they are finally ready to move on with their lives - but at that very turning point, Malte recognizes one of their attackers on the street, his rightful anger and a longing for justice awaken on him a thirst for vengeance. Thus begins a complex story about revenge, intimacy, and trust. In his blind eagerness to follow the man responsible for his and Liv’s trauma, Malte puts his marriage, rebuilt with such care and on such fragile ground, to the test once more.

  • Maximilian Brückner, Luise Heyer, Leonard Kunz, Jasna Fritzi Bauer
  • Sven Taddicken
  • Sven Taddicken
  • 97 minutes
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