Gordon Grafton has never felt the urge to leave his sheltered life in Miami Beach, having everything he could ever need in his hometown. That is, until his twin brother Ivan tragically dies in an accident. At a loss of how to deal with his grief, Gordon finds a travel journal that Ivan left behind and decides to retrace his late brother’s footsteps. This leads him on a journey to the Florida Keys, where he meets a series of offbeat characters, amongst them a young woman trying to hitch a ride to Miami and a narcissistic recluse and his fountain of youth. In this quirky and earnest tale of fateful encounters, director Kenny Riches explores with deadpan humor the transformation of a man in mourning as he uncovers a deeper understanding of fate and his own mortality. As Gordon makes his way through Southern Florida, the bizarre and unexpected adventures awaiting him will change his life forever.

  • Kenny Riches
  • 100 minutes
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