It’s the early 1970s in South Florida, not long after the ‘summer of love’: the Age of Aquarius, social growth, political awareness and unrest. Best friends Chris, Liam, and Manny float happily through the youth-fueled counter culture. As lovable as they are inept, the three friends decide to open their own bar without any knowledge or experience, and the good times mix with sheer folly. Off the Rails is a spirited and energetic comedy tinged with the warm afterglow of nostalgia, and easily one of the most feel-good movies in this year’s Festival.

  • James Robert Woods, Vance Vlasek, David Gallegos, Otmara Marrero, Courtney Dlugos, Steve Maraino, Josh Ritter
  • Damian Fitzsimmons
  • Mark Ford, Steve Cabrera, Damian Fitzsimmons
  • 91 minutes
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