Sarah, a young woman raised in Canada by her Uruguayan immigrant parents, leaves the cold Montreal winter to seek out her roots, after her father’s untimely death. In Uruguay, a country she has never been to, Sarah is taken in by her maternal grandmother Magda, who is not overjoyed to meet Sarah. The mysteries of her parents’ past becomes a riddle that Sarah must solve, as she comes to terms with the deep differences between the village of her childhood fantasies and the reality of a place that seems cemented in a past that no longer exists. Roads in February tenderly observes a girl’s struggles to understand old resentments and hidden secrets in her family history, in the heat of the Uruguayan summer. This Canadian-Urugayan production is one of the finest debuts of the year in both countries.

  • Arlen Aguayo Stewart, Gloria Demassi, Mathías Perdigón, Cecila Baranda, Rafael Soliwoda
  • Katherine Jerkovic
  • Katherine Jerkovic
  • 84 minutes
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