Dolores Dreier (Lali Espósito) is a typical fun-loving high school student - but when her best friend is brutally murdered and Dolores is accused of the crime, her carefree and privileged existence comes to a hard stop. As Dolores awaits trial, the sensationalistic, tabloid-type media coverage (with global star Gael Garcia Bernal playing a TV talk show host with a particular interest in the case) seems to result in a pre-determined judgement by the court of public opinion. Gonzalo Tobal’s second film is a tension-filled drama that looks critically at society’s morbid fascination with crime.

  • Lali Espósito, Leonardo Sbaraglia, Inés Estévez, Daniel Fanego
  • Gonzalo Tobal
  • Ulises Porra, Gonzalo Tobal
  • 108 minutes
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