In Miami, immigration activist Nora Sandigo witnessed a crisis of U.S. born children being separated from their undocumented parents. It started with two children. She became their legal guardian to save them from being trapped in the foster care system where they would risk never being reunited with their real parents. Word spread and she eventually became a legal guardian to over 1,000 children facing a similar plight. This powerful documentary by directors Dave LaMattina and Chad Walker (I Am Big Bird) gives human faces to political headlines. We get to know some of the families whose lives have been impacted by Sandigo’s crusade. We watch her financial and emotional resources be tested to the breaking point. But she shows us the power of what one person can do when they open their heart.

  • Nora Sandigo, Reymundo Otero, Valerie Travi, Matthew Travi, Ritibh Kay Kumar, Olga Lucia Aramburo, Julio Travi
  • Dave LaMattina & Chad Walker
  • Dave LaMattina
  • 93 minutes
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