Mad Men meets Buena Vista Social Club in this surprising story about the dancers who fell in love with Cuban Mambo in the 1950s, sparking a dance craze that swept the nation and the world. Like the Beatniks of the era, the Mambo’s fervent fans earned a hip nickname: The Mamboniks. Set in Havana, Miami Beach and New York, this fun and upbeat documentary features a lovable, somewhat zany collection of dancers, musicians, disc jockeys, club owners and record company moguls. Lex Gillespie’s The Mamboniks is the first documentary to tell the story of the musical and dance invasion that came from Cuba in the years preceding Fidel Castro and the Cuban Revolution of 1959.

  • Marvin Marvano Jaye, Rhea Anides, Judie Friend, Allan Lustgarten, Vincent Livelli, Marvin Baumel, Larry Harlow, Joe Marchese
  • Lex Gillespie
  • Lex Gillespie
  • 89 minutes
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