A highlight of Day 2 of Fashion in Film Festival, curated by Marketa Uhlirova (University of the Arts London) with Caitlin Storrie. This pairing of José Rodríguez-Soltero’s lavish “Lupe” and Ron Rice’s landmark psychedelic masterpiece “Chumlum” features two of the most accomplished uses of superimposition in underground film, transporting drag glamour into a profoundly hallucinatory dimension. “Lupe” is a visually stunning celebration of the life and death of Mexican Hollywood star Lupe Velez. “Chumlum” is beautifully disconcerting. Intricate superimpositions mix in- and outdoor milieus and the capers of a colorful gaggle, which includes Jack Smith and Mario Montez as they loll about, pursue, and listlessly fondle each other in a riot of costume and color. Experimental musician (and Velvet Underground drop-out) Angus MacLise composed the spacey soundtrack.

  • 76 minutes
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