Midnight Shorts Program After Her, Creeper, Father, Fix History, Hair Wolf, Mother Fucker, The Night I Dance With Death, Spiritus Lepus

  • 85 minutes

    A wayward teenage girl goes missing and her friend is haunted by her disappearance. An atmospheric sci-fi about first love. Cast: Natalia Dyer, Christopher Dylan White. Directed by Aly Migliori.


    After a night out, a young woman is unknowingly followed into her home by her “ride-share” driver—resulting in a dangerous game of cat and mouse that explores the lengths people will go to connect in the modern world. Cast: Harry Piaggio, Melanie Zanetti. Directed by Drew Macdonald


    A young boy lives with his mother who is not terribly interested in giving him the attention he needs. There is also a father figure, but unfortunately for the boy, he is much worse. Cast: Rodion Kilinc, Raya Dibbs, James Killeen, Sam South. Directed by Chris Keller


    The official music video for Teach Me Equals, FIX HISTORY follows a feral woman's discovery of a strange, mysterious energy lying in the woods. Drawn to it magnetically, her attempts to embrace this power become a struggle not to be engulfed by it. Directed by Mitchell Zemil


    At a black hair salon in gentrifying Brooklyn, the local residents fend off a strange new monster: white women intent on sucking the lifeblood from black culture. Cast: Kara Young, Taliah Webster, Madeline Weinstein, Trae Harris, Jermaine Crawford. Directed by Mariama Diallo


    Charles is deeply in debt and desperate to save his kidnapped dog. Cast: Nick Bailey, Alison Fraser. Directed by Nicholas Payne Santos.


    Unable to engage at a party, Jack consumes a psychedelic drug allowing him to shed his worry and enjoy the moment. But soon Jack must confront an anxiety he just cannot escape. Directed by Vincent Gibaud.


    Hidden amongst the mythical undergrowth in a grimy operation room, six Rabbit Humanoid Surgeons haphazardly fight to save the life of a damaged soul. Cast: Filip Gisslén, Filip Pilthammar, Max Krupski, Amelia Clay, Jack Kelly, Evelina Olsson, Christoffer Richardsson, Isabelle Haag. Directed by Kristofer Kiggs Carlsson

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