Color Your World: Artistic Stories Shorts Program

Art, artists, and animation.

  • Various
  • 99 minutes
  • Art, artists, and animation.  

    Art Show | d. Claire Dub | USA | 4m 

    Two Balloons | d. Mark C. Smith | USA | 10m 

    John Van Hamersveld CRAZY WORLD AIN’T IT | d. Dave Tourjé & Christopher Sibley | USA | 11m 

    El Gran Verde (The Great Green) | d. Jose Luis Castro Zapata | Spain | 12m 

    The Phantom 52 | d. Geoff Marslett | USA | 8m 

    My Paintbrush Bites | d. Joel Pincosy | USA | 17m 

    Moon Above The Raging Sea | d. Steven Jerram | Australia | 6m 

    Artists in Their Space - Christopher "Canary" Trenary | d. Bobby Obermite | Hutchinson, KS | 7m 

    Dubicel | d. Yashira Jordan & Igor Gopkalo Streiff | Boliva | 13m 

    My Reluctant Monster | d. Eric Zoller | Wichita, KS | 11m 

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