Embrace the Emotion: Dramatic Stories Shorts Program

The poignant, the moving, the breathtaking.

  • Various
  • 108 minutes
  • The poignant, the moving, the breathtaking.  

    The Vanishing Princess | d. Makenzie Leigh | USA | 15m 

    Evelyn x Evelyn | d. Eric Pumphrey | USA | 14m 

    Esta Es Tu Cuba (This is Your Cuba) | d. Brian Robau | Puerto Rico | 20m 

    Black Hat | d. Sarah Smith | USA | 15m 

    The Neighbors' Window | d. Marshall Curry | USA | 21m 

    Tabu | d. Justin Spray | Tanzania | 15m 

    The View From Here | d. Patrick Rea | USA | 8m 

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