Sports Shorts Program

  • 122 minutes
  • This film is available for streaming October 16th-25th.

    PreGame | d. Dana Silverman | USA | 9m

    80-200 | d. Aron Campisano | USA | 13m

    Michelle | d. Kenya Gillespie | USA | 11m

    Sonnie | d. Samuel Mirpoorian | USA | 11m

    Hung Up | d. Damon O''Steen | USA | 13m

    DUMP MATSUMOTO | d. Chen Herng Shinn | Japan | 10m

    Shadow Boxer | d. Ross McGowan | UK | 11m

    Games of Survival: A Culture Preserved in Ice | d. Nicholas Natale | USA | 17m

    Campeón (Champion) | d. Oscar Rodriguez Gorriz | Mexico | 18m

    Marasim - Beyond Borders | d. Priscilla Elias | USA | 9m

    Generous Admission $15 (all the same access with a little more support to your friends at Tallgrass!)
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