Central Tour: Pedestration

  • 1 minutes
  • Central Tour

    Launch point: 860 Central Spur Rd (at The Goose)
    Tour time approx. 1 hour. (cycling & pedestrian)
    Trail distance: 500 m.


    Site 1 – Atomic Vaudeville’s Hello Again. A musical Clown Crew is sent by the Establishment to manifest laughter and weave magic into the populace. They encourage an audience participant to sit on the throne, learn about who they are, make up stories, songs and misunderstand them. A ludicrous and consequential encounter.

    Site 2 – Embrace Arts Foundation’s articulate is a dance piece exploring the central theme that, “Play is an important form of communication.” It is a series of structured improvisations based on a different childhood games like hide and seek and hopscotch. articulate is truly a celebration of the original electronic music score created by a team of three youth composers, and Embrace’s Director of Music programming, Erin Koop.

    Site 3 – Traverse Arts Theatre’s to be them/to be us is a collectively created devised performance which dives into themes of community, scarcity, care, shame, displacement, joy, and fear in the context of the lives of Southern Resident Killer Whales, and their relationship to us above water. to be them/to be us draws intrinsic links between the human and the more-than-human and explores the effects of a destructive and unsustainable culture on us all, and the kinds of connection that give purpose, meaning and hope in a world of degrading seas and declining salmon.

    Site 4 – Katie Cassady’s funky fungi. funky fungi is a contemporary dance duet focussed on interpreting and expressing the existence of fungi, focussing on mycelia networks and mushrooms. Through song and dance, we take an imaginative and fun journey into how mycelia and mushrooms might emote or express joy, exploring how the co-existence and collaboration of many species is necessary to create and sustain life cycles.

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About Theatre SKAM

Theatre SKAM strives, with rigour and discipline, to effect positive social change in our community, to propel the professional careers of a wide range of artists, notably Victoria artists, and especially emerging artists, and to invigorate our community with living contemporary theatre and events that provide varied, inventive and surprising entertainment for audiences in Victoria and on tour.