Selkirk Tour: Pedestrian

Launch point: 335 Waterfront Cres.

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  • Selkirk Tour

    Launch point: Millenium Square Park, 335 Waterfront Crescent.

    Tour time: 45-55 min (pedestrian; see FAQ for more info)

    Trail distance: 250 m


    Site 1 – Baobab – Création multidisciplinaire’s Our beautiful failures is a project between performing art installation, dance and flash mob, gathering ten performers and questioning our relationship to the over-mediated and ubiquitous pop culture. How do we approach pop culture in our daily lives? To what extent does it permeate everything we eat, live and feel? What real effect does it have on us? In addition to acting as a gravitational field seeking to standardize our desires, it also has a powerful unifying effect. Is it possible to resist this bulldozer of joy, to deny our desires and to resist our most primary desires? How can we not give in to the celebration, to the desire to gather under the same banner, that of collective adrenaline? Can celebration become a tool to deny the urgency of our lives?

    Site 2 – Fear No Opera’s Breathe in the Beauty. Acapella musical selections encourage you to be present in this moment, free of nagging distractions, soaking in the beauty around you. Begin by noticing your breath. Is it fast, slow, laboured, easy? Begin to breathe with the rhythms and flow of the music; then breathe with the rhythms of nature.

    Site 3 – Extended Space’s BIAS. Is there a reason every story needs to be told? Casey thinks so. And she’ll make sure it’s told correctly. From the creators of GRASP, BIAS is a comedic and heartwarming depiction of the bisexual experience. Through a movement and theatre hybrid, Jordan, Eden, and Casey reflect on the intricacies of sexual identity and the assumption we inherit. Maybe we’re all more similar than we realize.

    Site 4 – Reverse Puppet Productions’ “When Everything Goes To Hell, I’ll Meet You At Our Spot”. At the end of the world, two ex-best friends both instinctively go back to their favourite childhood “spot” Both refusing to leave, they are forced to either reconcile their differences and work past the arguments that fractured their relationship, or to stay mad and be alone at the end.

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