Songhees: Pedestrian

Launchpoint: Songhees Walkway; Cul-de-sac by the Songhees Harbour Ferry stop (48.42639, -123.3802)

  • 1 minutes
  • Songhees Tour 

    Launch point: Songhees Walkway
    Cul-de-sac by the Songhees Harbour Ferry stop (48.42639, -123.3802)
    Tour time approx. 1 hour (pedestrian only)
    Trail distance: 500 m


    Site 1 – Fear No Opera’s Breathe in the Beauty. Acapella musical selections encourage you to be present in this moment, free of nagging distractions, soaking in the beauty around you. Begin by noticing your breath. Is it fast, slow, laboured, easy? Begin to breathe with the rhythms and flow of the music; then breathe with the rhythms of nature.

    Site 2 – Tara Rajah’s Environmental Vibrationsis a community-engaged performance work that relates the idea of the global movement of peoples to the migration of birds. It features a dancer and cellist improvising together within a public space, bringing together different sounds and gestures that represent the journey of leaving and arriving home. The musical improvisation takes as its point of departure the Malaysian (Malacca Portuguese) folk tune Jinkli Nona. The work is composed, choreographed, and performed collaboratively by Kira Radosevic and Tara Rajah.

    Site 3 – SNAFU Society of Unexpected Spectacles’ Not Enough Sunscreen in the World. SNAFU’s past SKAMpede shows have featured stylish business people devolving into dancing geese, giant Sea-squatch puppets rising from the sea to suck out people’s brains, and a Viking and Cavewoman gambling audience members in a life-size game of Wizard’s Chess. Absurd, stylized, physical, and using every surprise the Goose Trail offers – we can’t wait to see you there. “[SNAFU] ​​will forever change the way you see theatre and its possibilities…as each audience member truly feels like an important part of the narrative.” – Montreal Theatre Hub “A true pleasure that I would recommend to anyone who has become a little too familiar with reality.” – The Charlebois Post

    Site 4 – Accompany’s Deep End. Accompany Theatre invites you to enjoy Deep End. Jump into this musical exploration of the big questions of friendship, through the small eyes of bugs! Join us for a playful picnic in the sun, and get to know a lovely ladybug, a busy bee, a mean mosquito, a cautious caterpillar, and a sequestered snail.

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