Paternal Rites

Part road movie, part experimental animation, part found-footage collage, PATERNAL RITES takes its inspiration from podcasts like This American Life and Radiolab and filmmakers such as Jenni Olson and Marlon Riggs to deeply explore the American family and its false dreams of normalcy. By painting a portrait in fragments, filmmaker Jules Rosskam creates an extraordinarily intimate examination of the relationship between trauma and memory, the structuring power of absence, the development of his own trans masculinity and Jewish identity, and the healing power of being present. Criterion refers to this beautifully rendered film as “gorgeously crafted and breathtaking…unlike any you’ve ever seen before.” Content Warnings: Implied violence and depiction/discussion of rape Plays with: SOMETHING TO CRY ABOUT Jules Rosskam; 2018; USA; 12 min. Three trans-masculine people are asked to watch a scene from a film that makes them cry, then open up about the complexity and difficulty of the cathartic release.

  • Jules Rosskam
  • 96 minutes
  • Unrated
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