Shorts 5: Choices

Choose wisely. Or not. Enjoy this collection of shorts: INCENDIO, I Did It For Me, The 6th Amendment, Hijo por Hijo (Child for Child), The Games We Play, The After War, Unwelcome, Rocket

  • 104 minutes
    Anything can happen in the world of online dating, and everything does when a mismatched couple meets on an ill-fated blind date. Sparks fly and passion erupts; but will they kill each other, or fall in love trying?
    Slater Dixon, USA, 2016, 6 mins.

    When a corrupt detective discovers his beloved son, also a cop, is going to testify against him and his cronies, he is forced to choose between his safety or his son's.
    Anatoliy Kim, USA, 2016, 12 mins.

    When the Boston Marathon bomber faces the death penalty, one man stands alone as the sole dissenter in the jury room. Drawing strength from his beliefs, he persuades his co-jurors to reconsider their positions, even as he struggles with his own conflicting feelings about capital punishment.
    Elika Portnoy, USA, 2016, 13 mins.

    HIJO POR HIJO (Child for Child)
    A Venezuelan Kidnapper finds himself on the other end of a call no parent ever wants to receive.
    Juan Avella, Venezuela, 2016, 11 mins.

    An innocent game among friends has unexpected consequences on one of the relationships in the group.
    Rich Newey and Annika Marks, USA, 2016, 11 mins.

    Jennifer’s estranged husband has PTSD and is on the verge of suicide, and her eight-year-old son has vanished.
    Giorgio Litt, USA, 2016, 12 mins.

    In a makeshift tent on a gas station in Greece lives six year old Menwar and his family. They fled the bloody war in Syria hoping to find peace in Europe, but arrived in Greece only to find that the rest of Europe has closed their borders for them.
    Ida Theresa Myklebost, USA, 2016, 16 mins.

    Annie, the only child of a champion dirt track racer, lives a reclusive life. It's been twelve years since the death of her father during a race, and Annie still lives on the remnants of her father's ranch. But when Weston, a privileged and wealthy man, shows up at the farm, Annie must teach him about competitive dirt track racing while searching for her own self-identity.
    Brenna Malloy, USA, 2016, 29 mins.
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