Intrecci Etici: The revolution of sustainable fashion in Italy

For all the glamour associated with the global fashion industry, its environmental impacts make for grim reading. Simply put, it’s one of the world’s chief polluters, responsible for 20% of global water waste and 10% of carbon dioxide emissions, while some 85% of the industry’s products are ultimately destined for landfills. That’s to say nothing of the exploitative conditions exacerbated by fast fashion, a segment of the market notorious for unfair wages and unregulated, often hazardous manufacturing conditions. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Intricci Etici is the story of a burgeoning revolution in Italy’s fashion industry that could be the blueprint for a broader shift toward more just and sustainable practices. Profiling designers who deal exclusively with natural fibres and fabrics, manufacturers who produce only to order, and upcyclers who transform used pieces into chic new garments, filmmakers Lucia Mauri and Lorenzo Malavolta reveal a cohort of creators who’ve made concrete commitments to ethics and sustainability. And if consumers are willing to vote with their wallets, their methods could yet transform the industry worldwide.

  • Lorenzo Malavolta
  • 56 minutes
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