Suzanne Roberts Theatre PROGRAM #06 Sept 28th @ 7:15pm: Hot Filmmakers

This specially curated Shorts Program features some of the "hottest" LGBTQ+ filmmakers, many of whom will be in attendance. This program features: I FOLLOWED DARBY | SANSARA | TONIGHT WE FUCK THE TRAILER PARK OUT OF EACH OTHER | ARENA ||NANA | SKELETONS | THE HUNTER - - - - - Click to Read More.

  • 92 minutes
  • R
  • This Shorts Program Features the Following Films:

    I FOLLOWED DARBY | Directed by Ryan Czerwonko | 13 Minutes

    Darby and Donna are two enigmatic drifters going from motel to motel in search of pleasure. A younger man named Jasper is seduced by their carefree lifestyle, but the darkness within his new lovers threatens to shatter his world.

    Cast: Actors Ryan CzerwonkoWoodlene AlexisJay Romero


    SANSARA | Directed by Andzej Gavriss | 6 Minutes

    The two lovers are separated, not only by distance, but also by circumstances: Russia’s anti-gay laws and mainstream homophobia mean that their relationship is threatened by violence, and now even the constitution.

    CAST: Felix Bondarev


    TONIGHT WE FUCK THE TRAILER PARK OUT OF EACH OTHER | Directed by Ryan Czerwonko | 7 Minutes

    A genderqueer artist’s drug-addled affair with a closeted lover coincides with their personal creative renaissance in a gritty, raw NYC.

    Cast: Enzo Cellucci, Ryan Czerwonko, Ellie Mae Miller, Russell Peck


    ARENA | Directed by Myles Clohessy | 13 Minutes

    An LGBTQ+ drama set in Ancient Rome. Arena tells the incredible true story of adopted son of one of Rome's cruelest emperors who must choose between his life as the future ruler of the Ancient world or a love and friendship once forcefully forgotten.

    CAST: Myles Clohessy, Kevin Caliber, Laith Wallschleger, Byron Clohessy, Caitlin Moira


    NANA | Directed by Peter Michael Biondolillo | 20 Minutes

    Parker and Ryley are a happily married couple. Suddenly, Parker's Nana dies. Little do they know, their lives will never be the same again.

    CAST: Peter Michael Biondolillo, Ryan Obermeier


    SKELETONS | Directed by Adam DeCarlo | 18 Minutes

    A man must confront the pain and trauma of a past relationship, as a former lover unexpectedly arrives on his doorstep.

    CAST: Robin Lord Taylor, Tommy Beardmore


    THE HUNTER | Directed by Sam McConnell | 15 Minutes

    Will meets Rose for a first date on a hot summer night in 1985 Greenwich Village. The two come from very different worlds, but Will is intrigued and drawn to the vivacious and wise older man. The night quickly takes twists and turns, and Will sees Rose to be the loose cannon he is. Will wants to turn and walk the other way, but he has a feeling Rose can help unlock something in him that he desperately wants open.

    CAST: Raphael Corkhill, Michael A. Fearon, Andrew Keenan-Bolger, Alan Mingo Jr.

    No Refunds Issued at Any Time.


    Proof of Covid-19 Vaccination and Wearing of Mask Required to Enter Theater and Events.

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