Alive (Kingston)

  • Dir. Rob Grant
  • 91 minutes

    In this latest film by director Rob Grant (Fake Blood) two strangers (Thomas Cocquerel and Camille Stopps) awaken to find themselves injured and held captive in what appears to be an abandoned hospital and at the whim of a maniacal doctor (Angus Macfadyen, BRAVEHEART). Suffering from amnesia and struggling to remember their past, the two prisoners aren’t sure how they ended up there or what their possible connection to each other must be. Their encounters with the doctor are terrifying as he intimidates, manipulates, and punishes, but also acts under a guise of attempting to heal their mangled bodies. Wounded from gruesome experimental operations and fearing for their lives, their attempts to escape only bring them face to face with unforeseen horrors and a sinister doctor taunting them in a twisted game of hide-and-seek. A full understanding of the underlying story comes together in a shocking, not to be missed twist at the end.
    BITS 2018 alumni and winner of Best SPX makeup.
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