BITS Short Film Tour Showcase (Ottawa)

  • 87 minutes
  • CROSS MY HEART (Dir. Kevin Preece) (2:07 mins)

    A little girl is awakened by a noise, and trembles under her covers. Mother to the rescue.

    THE SCARLET VULTURES (Dir. Kyle Martellacci) (14:51 mins)

    A young woman discovers that a special ingredient elicits a state of euphoria in those who consume it, but not everyone is so special.

    COMPULSION (Dir. Brian Sepanzyk) (16:20 mins)

    As we follow an unknown man in his day to day life, we soon start to see the dark underside of what his compulsion is and what it drives him to do. To give in, the blood must flow.

    CHAMBER OF ECHOES (Dir. Chris Chitaroni ) (7:00 mins)

    An alt-right conspiracy theorist prepares for the end of times. Bombarded by the 24/7 news cycle which is being curated for him by likeminded internet friends, he starts to see the signs and makes the necessary moves to survive. Unfortunately, he may have misread the situation.

    THE FACE (Dir. Riley Campbell) (12:05 mins)

    Caitlyn Jones is a freelance news journalist who will do anything to get her story. After covering a fatal car accident, she begins to be haunted by strange sounds in the night, itching paranoia, and horrible visions, putting her relationship, her work and even her life in danger.

    WITH YOU ALWAYS (Dir. Angela Besharah) (11:32 mins)

    Mark is a fool for love after falling for a mesmerizing woman who works in a flower shop. With the help of his closest confidant, Kyle, he decides be brave and ask her out. Psychology student, Katie, jovially goes through her late night closing duties at her part time job when she notices a creepy hooded figure lurking outside. These two worlds collide down a dark alley after Mark and Kyle disturbingly follow her home. Spooked, Katie makes a run for it, but once Mark catches up and she realizes what's really going on, she sternly schools Mark that this is no way to ask someone out. Realizing his mistake, sincerely sorry for scaring her, he does his best to win her over with his freestyle charm. Softened by his now innocent demeanour, she goes against her better judgment and decides to give him a second chance, a chance that might prove more harmful then she imagined.

    ANGEL (Dir. Julian Vetrone) (7:00 mins)

    A young girl named Angel returns home for her fathers funeral to only get an unexpected visit from an old friend.

    WILD (Indomptable) (Dir. Morgana McKenzie) (16:39 mins)

    Set in the 1930s, “Wild (Indomptable)” follows Ida, a young French Canadian girl who, while spending the summer with her relatives in English-speaking Ontario, discovers a supernatural entity living in their cornfield. After deciding to befriend the entity, they form a strong relationship. But, while the entity appears to be kind to Ida, it has the potential to be devastating to others.
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About Blood In The Snow Canadian Film Festival

The Blood in the Snow Canadian Film Festival is a unique and imaginative showcase of contemporary Canadian horror, genre, and underground cinema, that exists to challenge social boundaries, explore artistic taboos, and support and exhibit independent Canadian genre media artists.