A collection of the darkest, scariest, moodiest and the most intense Canadian short films playing this year.

  • 96 minutes
  • ROMI (Dir. Robert Cuffley) (10:00 mins)
    A woman is terrorized by her virtual assistant after it dredges up an ugly event from her past.

    THE THOUGHT OF YOU (Dir. Elvis Deane) (8:34 mins)
    A woman tries to move on from the events of a violent night, but finds that it's not only trauma that comes clawing back.

    ABHORRENT (Dir. David Scott) (15:00 mins)
    A woman learns the sinister secret her husband has been hiding in the basement and must take violent action or risk losing her son to her spouse's evil influence.

    POLAR TOUR (Dir. Dustin McGladrey) (4:30 mins)
    Three university friends embark on an adventure they hope never to forget. They choose an exotic location in the Arctic to go polar bear seeing for their Spring Break. In the middle of their first tour, the engine of the rover breaks down. Now isolated and freezing in the dark, they wait for rescue. With their morale at a real low, their isolation ends with a chilling spring polar bear experience they did not plan for.

    PEPPER (Dir. Kate Felix) (7:14 mins)
    Weylon is looking for a hired hand and Fidelma needs the job desperately, but her duties in the dark barn might prove beyond her tolerance.

    FORET NOIRE (Dirs. Jean-Marc E. Roy, Philippe David Gagné) (20:38)
    Jura Department, France. A judge orders the re-enactment of a crime scene in order to shed some light on inconsistencies in a murder case. Under the eye of Lady Justice, the accused, a family of three women from Quebec, have to thoroughly relive the day of the crime.

    DREAMCATCHER (Dir. Michael Alexander Uccello) (7:10 mins)
    Julia, victim to multiple psychological disorders, must survive the night without her prescribed sedatives. In and out of sleep, the only thing protecting her sanity is the Dreamcatcher.

    LE OTTO DITA DELLA MORTE (Dir. Frédéric Chalté) (3:40 mins)
    Followed by a mysterious stalker dressed in a motorcycle suit, Lisa seeks the security of her old family cabin. Unfortunately, she can’t escape her dark memories.

    SHE MUST VANISH (Dir. Kyle Martellacci ) (14:00 mins)
    Residents in a seaside town succumb to the malevolence of a witch, who sets a fury in motion.

    LADY IN THE SHOWER (Dir. Chris Borgo) (6:10 mins)
    A woman with a shady secret is haunted by a mysterious entity, while taking a shower in a historic hotel.

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About Blood In The Snow Film Festival

The Blood in the Snow Film Festival is a unique and imaginative showcase of contemporary Canadian horror, genre, and underground cinema, that exists to challenge social boundaries, explore artistic taboos, and support and exhibit independent Canadian genre media artists.