Lifechanger (Kitchener)

  • Dir. Justin McConnell
  • 103 minutes

    Drew is Detective Freddie Ransone, a cop who just left a burning house with two dead bodies inside. Before that, Drew was Emily Roberts, a party girl who became one of those dead bodies, and as the days go on, Drew will become dentist Sam Richardson, his assistant Rachel, and several others. Drew, as it turns out, has the ability to transport from body to body, not so much a shapeshifter as a body thief, for as long as the body remains good before decomposition. But it wasn''t always this way ? before this, Drew was once able to stay in bodies much longer, which lead him to Julia, the woman he still pines for. The ability to change bodies can help bring Drew close to Julia again, but not close enough to stay for long. And that desire to reconnect with the woman he loves so much will ultimately prove to be the undoing of many, perhaps even Drew himself.

    With a the short LAY THEM STRAIGHT (Dir. Robert DeLeskie (10:00 mins)
    A teenage girl battling obsessive-compulsive disorder has to run the gamut of school bullies every day until a traumatic event convinces her that her disorder may be an indication of supernatural powers.
    Winner Best Short Film - BITS 2018

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