VaPoRtRoN is just your average two man guitar & bass instrumental avant--funk-psychedelic duo. Inspired by the likes of Bill Laswell, Fripp/Eno, Drums & Tuba, Praxis, That1Guy, The Residents and the weirder side of Primus, VaPoRtRoN uses sampled rhythms and rudimentary looping technology to form broad swaths of sound with insistent beats that create change out of repetition(?). VaPoRtRoN uses algorithmic generative composition, oblique strategies and lateral thinking (as well as several other terms and phrases they do not fully understand) to craft music with limited planning or intervention, using indeterminacy as an ally instead of an adversary. As a special treat for the Fringe Festival, VaPoRtRoN will render interactive graphics (in real time) for display in the Otterbox Digital Dome to accompany their live music performance. Persons with epilepsy, psychosis or patients under steady psychological medical care are advised not to attend. Known to cause insanity in laboratory mice.

  • Vaportron
  • 30 minutes
  • PG-13
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About Fort Collins Fringe Festival

The Fort Collins Fringe Festival takes place annually the last week of July. It is a performance art festival that takes over Downtown Fort Collins, Colorado. The FoCo Fringe shows change every year and all types performance art is accepted which means you can see a vast variety of things in one weekend for an affordable price!