THE TREE AND THE SWING (To Dendro Kai I Kounia)

AVAILABLE FEB 7 - MARCH 6 | Facing a major change in her life, a successful cardiologist decides to return to Greece and attempt to reconcile with her estranged father. When she and her young daughter arrive, they find that nothing is as they had expected. Uncovering long-hidden family secrets and accepting change, the doctor reaches a new level of self awareness and comes to understand the importance of love and repentance.

  • Mirto Alikaki (Eleni), Elias Logothetis (Kyriakos), Mirjana Karanovic (Nina), John Bicknell (Henry), Nikos Orphanos (Markos), Eleni Kouletsi (Mira), George Souxes (Iordanis), Gennadios Patsis (Stefan)
  • Maria Douza
  • The film is mostly in Greek with English subtitles.
  • 108 minutes
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