El Revenge

Comedy, Foreign Language (Portuguese/Spanish) .......... Caco plans on surprising his girlfriend with a marriage proposal, but instead catches her in the act of cheating on him – worst of all with an Argentinean. Vadão, Caco’s best friend, drags him on a revenge trip from Brazil to Argentina. Vadão is in high adventure mode, while Caco is focused on getting his ex-girlfriend back. ........... HHM Jury Nomination: Supporting Actor (Gastón Ricaud), Supporting Actress (Ana Pauls)

  • Felipe Rocha, Daniel Furlan, Leandra Leal, Gastón Ricaud, Ana Pauls
  • Director: Fernando Fraiha, Co-Director: Jiddu Pinheiro
  • Thiago Dottori, Pedro Aguilera, Jiddu Pinheiro and Felipe Sant’Angelo
  • 86 minutes
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