Hunting Lands

Frank Olsen, a veteran turned recluse, witnesses the aftermath of a heinous crime on the normally tranquil, but desolate, wintery lands where he hunts and fends for himself. Instinctively, Frank collects the tarp-wrapped victim and quietly investigates and tracks the would-be killer circumventing the untrustworthy local police. Shot completely in Northern Michigan, Hunting Lands has a quiet intensity that makes this a must-see homegrown thriller. . . . Recently Screened At: Idyllwild International Festival of Cinema 03/2018 (Best Feature Film, Best Screenplay), Richmond International Film Festival 04/2018 (Best Cinematography), Phoenix Film Festival 04/2018 (Best Director)

  • Marshall Cook, Joe Raffa, Brooke Mulkins, Keyna Reynolds, Kaleb Rittenhouse, Nicole Cinaglia, Apryl Crowell
  • Zack Wilcox
  • Zack Wilcox
  • 83 minutes
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