What Music Do You Speak?

Foreign Language (Spanish & French) .......... Sébastien Roger de Nuῆez, a young French filmmaker whose mother is of Argentinian descent, arrived in Argentina with a small crew and an insatiable curiosity about the country’s musical traditions. As the filmmakers cut a trail from Buenos Aires to Tilcara, they take in the sights and songs of crowded carnivals, intimate cantinas, boisterous rodeos, and indigenous ceremonies. If this sounds like a dry lesson, think again; this is a film whose music you feel, animated by de Nuῆez’s infectious enthusiasm. .......... We’ve paired another musical road trip to play before the film, "Notorious Corn" -- This short resembles a highly condensed Behind the Music special following the brief but bright celebrity career of an ear of corn. Mallory Grolleau’s charming minute-long animated short profiles a rock star right out of left field who gets a little too hot.

  • Sébastien Roger De Nuñez, Richard Gerard
  • Sébastien Roger De Nuñez, Richard Gerard
  • 81 minutes
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