Sandbox Music Series

Sandbox Music presents new creative music to the Santa Fe area. The series is dedicated to provide a forum for music that utilizes creative new techniques, ranging from electronic, experimental acoustic, new jazz, modern classical and more. The series will feature local musicians as well as bringing in touring artists. This month enjoy HAT2.0 (acoustic night) on December 6th, at the Jean Cocteau Theater. 12 performers throw their names into a hat where the audience draws names to select the ensembles. The chosen players perform immediately without any pre-planning. Immerse yourself in the edges of collaboration and unconventional sonic spontaneity. Acoustic instruments and voices merge into a symphony of experimental sounds. This event is more than a concert, it's a live exploration of sonic textures, layers, and text that promise an unforgettable evening of music transcending the ordinary. Doors at 6pm, show at 7pm.

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About Jean Cocteau Cinema

The Jean Cocteau Cinema is Santa Fe’s eclectic movie house, full bar, and special events venue owned by George RR Martin. Please follow us on Instagram, Twitter & Facebook to learn more about our upcoming plans and events!