• Griffin Dunne
  • 104 minutes
  • PG-13
  • The Black Hats Society of Historic Irvington is a nonprofit 501c3 philanthropic organization established in 2016. We are a group of theatrical witches who share a mutual belief in supporting our neighborhoods and their people. We participate in community events, volunteer, and publicize our neighborhood charities. 

    All proceeds for the viewing of Practical Magic will be donated to FIDO, Friends of Indianapolis Dogs Outside.

    FIDO is a non-profit, animal advocacy organization formed in 2005 that works with dog owners to improve the quality of life for their outside dogs—with a focus on dogs living isolated on the end of a chain. FIDO partners with Indianapolis residents to find alternatives to continuous chaining as a method of dog containment while promoting the Indianapolis Dog Care & Treatment ordinances. One of their goals is to make it easier and more convenient for owners to bring their dogs inside the home to be part of the family. 

    Learn more about FIDO

    Visit TBHS

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