• 86 minutes
  • NR
  • In 1964, Marshall McLuhan coined the phrase, “The medium is the message.” Borrowing inspiration from Thom Anderson's 2003 film, Los Angeles Plays Itself, this collage of a program draws from twenty-five 16mm films within IU’s collections which highlight the filmmaking process, film handling equipment, exhibition and the cellulose material itself, putting the medium of film at the forefront. Part film history, part educational and part experimental film, there is much to enjoy for anyone who loves the movies in their varied forms. Sampled films include How to Make a Movie Without a Camera (1971), The Growing of a Young Filmmaker (1968), Sherlock Jr. (1924), Let’s Go to the Movies (1949), Basic Camera Technique (1948) and many more. This program contains flashing images. Arrive early to enjoy interactive demonstrations of 16mm film handling equipment with trained film archivists. The screening will be introduced by curators Jon and Jennifer Vickers and followed by a brief Q&A.

    This program is part of An Archival Roadshow and CENTURY OF 16MM, Indiana University's 2023 celebration of the centennial of the 16mm film format.

    *Archivists will demonstrate 16mm film handling equipment beginning at 6:00pm 

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